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Vertriebskompass (Sales Compass)

The 8th study on sales

We have had a co-operation with the Department of Economy of the technical college of Aachen for many years. And how else should it be: from our point of view, grown relations are the best basis for success.

Every year, we investigate the trends in sales and, from this, develop the SALES COMPASS. The benefit: you can react pragmatically to changes on the market. In addition, we provide a clear orientation guide for the realization of strategies and also for successful change management with the top implementer Benchmark.

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Kulturlotse (Culture Guides)

The 3nd study on corporate culture

The Department of Intercultural Economic Communication of the University of Jena is unique in the Federal Republic of Germany. We were curious about this and found the ideal partner for the theoretical facet of Siers & Collegen in the area of corporate culture.

The result: CULTURE GUIDES, our study on corporate culture. It is read by deciders who want to recognize changes and adjust values accordingly.

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A book as an easy-going digression into the world of consulting

The title hints at it: How does the German economy deal with culture within the company? We campaign in a special way for the efficient connection of structure and culture. Examples from practical experience and our interpretation underline that – competent as well as entertaining.

Authors: Christina Sögtrop, Carsten Siers, Vanessa Krukenberg and Arne Borrmann

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