Siers & Collegen GmbH

We are authentic

No more and no less: Siers & Collegen is a team of specialists for the consultation of implementation in sales and the development of corporate culture.

We work oriented towards your needs. Our consultants develop analysis and conception. You meet our trainers during the implementation. Your advantage: You get the optimum service from our specialists in each phase of the project. Internally, we co-ordinate that perfectly … one person can’t be good at everything.

Everyone at Siers & Collegen comes from practise. We have gained our experience in sales and management. Success and failure were our motivation to develop transparent tools for sales and corporate culture. That has worked out. And we are constantly working on further development by means of the co-operations with the universities.

As specialists, we have disconnected ourselves from the system; not to leave it but rather to bring us even closer – free in mind. During the course of a project, for example, we work very closely with the management team – temporarily and at eye level.

We are different

What makes us different? There are three aspects. Firstly, there is our proven competence in corporate culture. We offer it to you partially in sales or throughout the entire company. We know that works and, thus, bring trust into your system. By means of best practice tools that we have developed ourselves, we are confident and face changes calmly. Secondly, we are authentic. Every one of us at Siers & Collegen comes from the client side; is your colleague at heart and, in addition, brings along years of experience from change management. This leads us to the third aspect: We accompany you very closely and always step out with you, even if it gets really critical. If you put all that together, you will recognize that Siers & Collegen are absolutely empathic.

We are guides

It gets stormy? Great! That’s our kind of weather because we are guides. You will remain at the helm at any time during our co-operation. From us, you will obtain valuable information on how to steer your company through rough seas without anyone going overboard. We know where the wind comes from and where the fairway changes. Our instruments will give you safety. The next thunderstorm? You will handle that confidently together with your crew. Simply convert change into positive energy.

Our values

Enthusiasm. We get involved one hundred per cent when you have opted for a co-operation. Then we are emotional; experience pain as well as joy together with our clients. At the same time, we keep a good distance and, thus, maintain an overview.
Cunning. We have been out there and we will always go out there with you. Our continuing experience from management and sales practise makes us clever partners.
Reliability. We consult because that is what we really want to do. That is why, in many cases, we remain close partners of the managers and staff.
Quality. We make a company better because we think it new. There are no quick solutions such as rationalizations with Siers & Collegen. There are, however, radical solutions. We will find the optimum part for each person within the company.
Team: We are team players – internally as well as in the co-operation with our clients. If specialists work well in a team, complex challenges can be overcome. Relying on each other, communicating quickly and pro-actively, caring for a good and open feedback culture … that is important to us.