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On board with us

Who would like to reinforce the crew?

One thing beforehand: You don’t need a sailing license to sign up with us. It should, however, be slightly more than a children’s seahorse license …

We love the maritime world and Carsten Siers is really a passionate sailor. We find a lot of good analogies to our work here. It’s as easy as that. You may have noticed this during your visit to our site. If this appeals to you, please get in touch with us.

Of course, we are interested in your background. Where did you do your apprenticeship or study at university? Who have you worked for? What we are really excited about, however, is finding out who you are as a person. What else, apart from your professional quality, do you bring along? Do you picture yourself in the field of analysis or rather in training? Why do you want to change jobs?

The crew is essential for our work. When it gets stormy every move has to be perfect. You are alert with all your senses. You are one hundred per cent involved. And absolute trust prevails. Is that your kind of world? Then: welcome on board.

Job vacancies

Our business is constantly in motion. We adjust to that and are interested in new contacts. Please get in touch with us if the job descriptions appeal to you.

Wir unterstützen Ihre Initiative

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